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In addition to supplying equipment, C & M also provides a wide range of services to various clients. These services cover the following aspects of our organisation:

  • Station setup and management
  • Calibration activities
  • Sampling activities
  • General consultation activities

Station setup and management

Since it pays not to have a too narrow focus in industry, C & M offers a full basket of services when it comes to air quality monitoring stations. Apart from supplying the equipment, C & M also specialises in the installation and maintenance of the equipment for both AQM and CEM application.

All C & M technical employees have received factory level training in the installation, maintenance and repair of the range of equipment supplied by us. C & M has the capability to manage all manner of air quality monitoring stations (AQM and CEM) on behalf of our clients, and to provide customised reports on validated data produced by these systems. Reports can be produced on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Contents, layout and technical complexity are all features which can be customised in consultation with the client.

Calibration activities

Yes, we are still a SANAS accredited calibration laboratory (Lab number 1508) See our Certificate here.

Our lab is still headed up by Janusz Lizowski and Andre Laubscher. Plans are underfoot to train additional staff to offer faster reaction times to calibration queries.

Sampling Activities

We undertake source emission measurements, both standard and specialised. C & M make use of both customised and / or automated sampling equipment which allows for measurements under a wide variety of conditions, such as high temperature (in excess of 500 °C), high pressure, high moisture content, etc.

With our engineering background, we are able to generate design data for air pollution control equipment. We are also able to provide an initial selection of the most appropriate types of control equipment required to reduce emissions into the atmosphere.

Our sampling activities include both isokinetic and gas sampling.

Isokinetic sampling activities

We make extensive use of USEPA sampling methods, although the basic basic isokinetic sampling procedure we use meets the requirements of USEPA Method 17 and ISO 9096. By adapting the sampling train, we are capable of sampling both particulates and gases simultaneously where required. We work with various laboratories to ensure that sample integrity and chain of custody is maintained at all times.

We typically engage, but are not limited to, in the following types of isokinetic measurements:

  • Particulates.
  • Heavy metals.
  • Hexavalent chromium.
  • Semi-volatile organics.
  • Dioxins, furans and PCBs. Sampling is performed by C & M, and the samples are analysed by a suitably qualified and accredited laboratory.
  • Particle size analysis.

Gas analysis activities

In addition to isokinetic sampling, we are also capable of doing gas analysis, mainly in accordance with USEPA methods. These activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Sulphur oxides.
  • Nitrogen oxides.
  • Volatile organic compounds.
  • Semi-volatile organic compounds.
  • Halogens.

As with isokinetic samples, we work with various laboratories to ensure that sample integrity and chain of custody is maintained.

General consultation activities

In addition to the above activities, we also provide a wide variety of additional services to our clients. These include:

  • Dispersion modelling.
  • Provide design information and initial selection of gas cleaning equipment.
  • Training in CEM an AQM sampling methods.
  • Training in operation and maintenance of monitoring equipment and related software.
  • Project management services for measurements surveys.
  • Data reduction, validation and reporting.