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New equipment- Teledyne API

The R&D department at Teledyne API have been busywith several developments, and have added several new instruments to an already stellar product offering.

Model T500U - CAPS Trace-Level NO2 analyser

The T500U represents the next generation of criteria pollutant monitoring technologyfor the direct measurement of Nitrogen Dioxide in air.

The T500U provides a direct NO2 measurement, eliminating the need for catalytic conversion or reagents which ontroduce measurement artifacts inherent in traditional heated metal converter based chemiluminescense instruments.

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Model T204 - NO/NO2/NOx/O3 analyser

The T204 combines the proven chemiluminescense NO/NO2/NOx measurement technology with an ozone bench, using UV absorption, to create the world's first US EPA-approved method NO2/O3 analyser. The Model T204 is ideal for urban airshed monitoring, traffic studies, or stand alone NOx/O3 monitoring. The economical T204 allows for reduced integration and procurement costs while providing a simple, stable and reliable monitoring sollution.

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Model T200P - Photolytic True NO2/NO/NOx analyser

The Model T200P provides measurements of NO and NO2 using the Model T200 NOx analyser combined with a patented high efficiency photolytic converter.

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Model T640 - PM Mass Monitor

This is the next breakthrough in ambient particulate monitors. The Model T640 delivers 1-minute or better resolution with exceptional sensitivity and precision. the instrument is very low maintenance and requires no sample media for minimal cost of operation.

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This represents only a small fraction of new developments released by Teledyne API. Please click here to see the full range of ambient systems provided by Teledyne API.

New supplier - Thomson Environmental Systems (TES)

Established in 1997, TES is a fellow Teledyne-API distributor. Apart from representing several leading instrument suppliers, TES also manufactures its own range of world class products.

TES 6000 Series

The TES Dust Master Pro 6000 is a real-time, single channel photometer for Total PM, PM10, PM4, PM2.5  or PM1 monitoring. Click here  for more information.

TES 7000 Series

The TES Dust Master Pro 7000 is a real-time, single channel photometer for Total PM, PM10, PM4, PM2.5  and PM1 monitoring. Click here for more information.



New supplier - SYFT Technologies - SIFT-MS


The SIFT-MS (Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry) technique emerged out of investigations of ion chemistry in the earth's atmosphere as well as other planetary atmospheres, conduscted at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. SYFT technologies was formed in 2002, providing sufficient funding to take this academic research into a fully developed commercial solution.

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