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New equipment- Teledyne API


The R&D department at Teledyne API have been busywith several developments, and have added several new instruments to an already stellar product offering.

Model T500U - CAPS Trace-Level NO2 analyser

The T500U represents the next generation of criteria pollutant monitoring technologyfor the direct measurement of Nitrogen Dioxide in air.

The T500U provides a direct NO2 measurement, eliminating the need for catalytic conversion or reagents which ontroduce measurement artifacts inherent in traditional heated metal converter based chemiluminescense instruments.

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Model T204 - NO/NO2/NOx/O3 analyser

The T204 combines the proven chemiluminescense NO/NO2/NOx measurement technology with an ozone bench, using UV absorption, to create the world's first US EPA-approved method NO2/O3 analyser. The Model T204 is ideal for urban airshed monitoring, traffic studies, or stand alone NOx/O3 monitoring. The economical T204 allows for reduced integration and procurement costs while providing a simple, stable and reliable monitoring sollution.

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Model T200P - Photolytic True NO2/NO/NOx analyser

The Model T200P provides measurements of NO and NO2 using the Model T200 NOx analyser combined with a patented high efficiency photolytic converter.

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Model T640 - PM Mass Monitor

This is the next breakthrough in ambient particulate monitors. The Model T640 delivers 1-minute or better resolution with exceptional sensitivity and precision. the instrument is very low maintenance and requires no sample media for minimal cost of operation.

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This represents only a small fraction of new developments released by Teledyne API. Please click here to see the full range of ambient systems provided by Teledyne API.

New supplier - Gasmet

As a manufacturer of precision instruments, Gasmet maintains a high level of quality and up to date product certification in several countries. Gasmet holds ISO 9001, EN 15267-3, TÜV and MCERTS certifications on its products and services. Click here for more information.

C&M Consulting Engineers are proud to be associated with Gasmet, and are pleased to have been appointed to supply and support the Gasmet range of portable gas analysers, calibration and data systems. All Gasmet systems supplied by C&M Consulting Engineers are based on higly accurate and reliable FTIR technology.


The DX4015 is a portable FTIR gas analyser used for ambient air analysis, and has the useful feature of being able to used 12 VDC power in thosed applications where mains power is not available in the field. The DX4015 makes used of a heated sample cell (50 °C), which allows measurements to be performed in conditions where high humidity and changing temperatures can be expected. Click here for more information.


The DX4000 is a portable FTIR gas analyser perfectly suited for applications where multiple gas components need to be measured in hot and humid gas streams. The corrosion resistant sample cells is heated to 180 °C, which ensures that the sample stays is its gaseous phase even in the presence of high moisture content areas. Click here for more information.



The GT5000 Terra represents a next-generation gas analyzer combining high technology with ease of use and true robustness. This analyzer is specifically designed for demanding and active field and on the go use. It is lightweight and compact meaning that it can be easily carried as a backpack to the field with minimum effort. What is more, the analyzer allows simultaneous gas measurements while on the go. The analyzer is IP54 rated which proves the robustness of the instrument. The GT5000 Terra is 100% splashproof which means that little rain does not disturb outdoor field measurements. Additionally, it is safe and secure to measure even trembling circumstances. Click here for more information 


Portable sampling system

The Gasmet portable sampling system has been designed for portable emission monitoring measurementsIt can be used to measure trace concentrations of pollutants in wet, corrosive gas streams. The sample gas can be measured undiluted and without drying since the sample pump, heated filter and valve are all located in a module that is heated to 180 ºC. From the Sampling System the gases can be directed into a Gasmet FTIRgas analyser. Click here for more information.


Gasmet calibrator

The Gasmet portable calibrator is one of the most important tools in generating new applications for the Gasmet FTIR gas analyser. The calibrator incorporates a syringe pump, a manual needle valve, a mass flow meter, and a stainless-steel injection chamber. The syringe pump injects precise amounts of liquid or gas into a hot nitrogen gas flow, thus producing a continuous flow of a known concentration calibration gas. Click here for more information.