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C&M supplies equipment to measure a wide variety of air pollutants.

The equipment available from C&M is aimed at both the continuous emission measurement (CEM), including manual source emission measurement, and ambient air quality monitoring (AQM) markets as well as source & combustion exmissions measurement (SEM).

In obtaining agencies to represent in South Africa, our philosophy is quite simple.

  • All of the agencies must complement, and not compete, with each other.

  • The equipment must reflect state-of-the-art technology, must be reliable, must require a minimum of maintenance and must have proven track records.

  • Where applicable, the equipment must comply with international accreditation / certification standards.
  • Extensive technical and training support must be available from the suppliers.

  • Finally, the prospective supplier has to be willing to impart the necessary technical knowledge enabling our technicians to repair all but the most technical  breakdowns