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We, at C & M were approached by one of our clients who wanted a piece of equipment capable of measuring airflow through roof vents along the length of their potroom. After spending some time on the internet, we came across the website of Optical Scientific Inc.

Founded in 1985 and operating out of Gaithersburg, outside Washington DC, OSI develops innovations to meet the complex measurement, data collection, and communications demands of the 21st century. For more than twenty years they have met these needs by engaging in a rigorous research and development program. Their name is synonymous with advanced optical instrumentation. OSI's sensors and systems reliably serve customer's needs at airports, along highways, at railroad tracks, on ocean-going buoys, smelters, power plants, refineries,  and hundreds of other commercial and industrial sites.

OSI's range of equipment

OSI manufactures a range of:


Are there any approvals for the OSI range of equipment?

As with most of our equipment, the range supplied by OSI enjoys several USEPA certifications.