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In accordance with our supplier selection philosophy, we decided on the following suppliers of ambient air quality monitoring equipment. Please click the various company logos to view more detailed information on the equipment.



Operating out of Furulund in Sweden, Opsis AB develops and manufactures state of the art systems for gas analysis and process control. Opsis have several international distributors, and we at C & M are proud to have been appointed the sole Southern African distributor for Opsis AB.

The Opsis ambient open-path measurement system, utilising the DOAS (Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy) principle, enjoys numerous international accreditations, including USEPA, CEN, MCERTS and TüV. The system is also in use with the USEPA Enforcement Division. The system enjoys equivalent method status, and documents proving its status can be provided on request.

Opsis also manufactures and distributes the SM200 ambient particulate sampler for PM10 PM2.5 and TSP, which has been certified as a reference method sampler by the TüV.



Operating out of San Diego California, Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation, Inc. (TAPI) is a world leader in the design and manufacture of analytical instrumentation for precision gas analysis.

TAPI offers a complete line of Air Quality Monitoring (AQM) instrumentation, which complies with the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA), European Union (CEN), MCERTS, and other requirements for the measurement of criteria pollutant gases consisting of CO, SO2, NOX, Ozone and others.



As part of the Durag group based in Germany, Verewa manufactures particulate samplers for the ambient air quality market. The samplers operate on a beta-gauge mass determination principle.  By selecting the appropriate sample probe head, a basic TSP sampler can easily be converted to a PM2.5 or PM10 sampler.  In such cases use is made of USEPA-certified particle separation heads.




Airmetrics is dedicated to providing practical and innovative solutions to ambient air monitoring problems. They manufacture the MiniVol™ TAS and offer a complimentary line of calibration orifices, filter cassettes, mailers and Tedlar bags.

MiniVol samplers are battery-driven and particulates are collected on 47 mm filters.  Mass determination is done manually using gravimetric methods.  By selecting a suitable sampling head, the sampler can serve either as a PM2.5, PM10 or TSP sampler.  Their low costs make MiniVol samplers the ideal screening tool on which the need for long-term particulate monitoring decisions can be based.


Panda Services


Panda Services represent the manufacturers of a variety of high-tech Italian equipment. These include the GC based environmental analysers manufactured by PCF Elettronica.


Specialised systems


Operating out of Gaithersburg, outside Washington DC, Optical Scientific Inc. (OSI), specialises in the development and manufacturing of optical weather and environmental sensors.



Operating out of Irvine, California, Red Mountain Engineering manufactures the Smoke Check 1667 Diesel Emissions Tester. The Smoke Check 1667 complies with the latest SAE J1667 specifications, and was recently featured on CNN as part of a report on the New York Eco Police.



Operating out of Knoxville, Tennessee, and founded in 1989 in Toronto, Canada, Tekran is the world's leading manufacturer of advanced systems for ambient and point-source continuous mercury monitoring.