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Started in 1992, Airmetrics is located in Eugene, Oregon, and is an enterprise fund of the Lane Regional Air Pollution Authority (LRAPA). Airmetrics, in conjunction with the US EPA, developed the patented low-flow technology found in the MiniVol Portable Air Sampler to address the need for portable, ambient air sampling.

Airmetrics' product line can be found world-wide, with customers ranging from the Cairo Air Improvement Study in Egypt to universities in Norway, Japan, and Mexico. Both rugged and reliable, the MiniVol has proven its effectiveness in ambient air sampling at remediation sites, prescribed burns, fugitive dust studies, manufacturing locations, mining operations, and power plants.

Additionally, the US EPA Saturation Monitor Repository is composed largely of MiniVol samplers. The patented low-flow technology used in the MiniVol was jointly developed by Airmetrics and the US Environmental Protection Agency.

The MiniVol, along with its replacement, the Tactical Air Sampler (TAS), is used widely in South Africa as a screening tool by several municipalities and industries.

Tactical Air Sampler with mobile packing container Close-up of the Tactical Air Sampler