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With offices located in Englewood, CO and Gibsonia PA, TML is a supplier of environmental monitoring instrumentation for the detection, measurement, and reporting of air pollutants.

With over 30 years of experience TML has vast experience in the manufacturing dry extractive, wet dilution, and in-situ CEM systems. TML also manufactures in-situ ultrasonic flow, particulate and opacity systems used by C & M in CEM applications. TML is a world leader in some of its equipment with over 6000 installations worldwide.

TML's CEMS solutions are based on a choice of in-situ, conventional extractive, and dilution extractive measurement techniques.  Their CEMS range of equipment measure SO2, NOx, CO, CO2, O2, and other gases which can be augmented with gas flow and opacity monitors. Ambient analysers are provided for 03, CO, NOx, and SO2.

Teledyne ML quality policy

Teledyne Monitor Labs, Inc. is committed to understanding and meeting the quality expectations of its customers. Continual improvement of their quality management system per the ISO 9000:2000 standard is assured by systematically:

  • Matching their quality system to their customers’ needs,

  • Developing and monitoring appropriate quality metrics and measures of customer satisfaction, and

  • Communicating to all employees their role in assuring customer satisfaction

Teledyne ML areas of expertise

The Teledyne API range of equipment can be found in a wide range of application areas, such as:

  • Air Quality Monitoring (AQM) systems

  • Stack Gas emissions monitors

  • Stack flow monitors

  • Stack opacity monitors

  • Stack particulate monitors

We focus mainly on using Teledyne ML's range of CEM equipment for flow, opacity and particulate measurement . Should you however require any further information on any products under the TML label, please feel free to contact us, and we will gladly provide you with any information you may require.

Teledyne ML UltraFlow 150


The UltraFlow 150's state of the art signal processing and innovative modularity offers its users unparalleled performance, accuracy, flexibility and the most maintenance-free solution amongst all flow technologies.

The UltraFlow 150 carries ETL/CE certification, and offers several outstanding benefits over other flow technologies. These advantages include:

  • Non-intrusive probe design mitigates corrosion, erosion and agglomeration of the transducer, leading to years of uninterruptible operation and reliability.

  • Flow measurement is intrinsically independent of flue gas composition, pressure, temperature, viscosity, etc, thereby eliminating continual corrections to flow equations.

  • Long-path average measurement methodology, leading to far superior accuracies versus single point systems like pitot tubes and thermal flow systems.

  • Ultra-low drift operation <1.0%, eliminating the hassles of continual calibration.

  • Full system calibration checks which ensures total system integrity.

  • Measurement technique intrinsically rejects cyclonic flow, since there is no bias as with pitot tubes.

  • Advanced signal processing and affordable x-pattern configuration rejects pitch effects, thereby eliminating errors of other ultrasonic technologies.


Teledyne ML  LightHawk Opacity monitor

lighthawk_logo LightHawksystem LightHawk_side

Teledyne ML's LightHawk model 560 compliance opacity / dust monitor has been designed to meet all new PS-1 and ASTM D6216 regulations, and carries ETL/CE certifications. This state of the art system uses a patented electro-dynamic pulsed LED light source, suitable for ultra low opacity applications (< 10% Opacity). This LED light source has a typical life expectancy of around 10 years.

The LightHawk utilizes a patented solid-state light emitted diode that is electro-dynamically pulsed by an oscillator at a frequency of 2500Hz. Unlike slowly chopped incandescent and laser light systems, this pulsed light source enables guaranteed rejection of sunlight as well as artificial light sources. The LED has a proven life in excess of ten years and is warranted by Teledyne Monitor Labs for eight years. This extended life ensures Teledyne Monitor Labs LED based opacity monitor is at the least expensive system to operate in the world. With our op-amp and special electro-optical bench design, the LED light source is extremely uniform with Ultralow drift and requires no other light source for stabilization. Ideal for  all opacity applications including permitted facilities with <10% opacity limits.

Teledyne ML  LaserHawk particulate matter monitor

laserhawklogo LaserHawk-1 LaserHawk-inside

The LaserHawk was designed to comply with the performance specification for continuous particulate monitors. A complete system includes an optical head, purge system, enhanced remote panel fulfilling all QA/QC requirements.  The optical head is built of heavy gauge aluminium parts and finished with acid-resistant enamel paint. All exposed hardware is stainless steel. The rugged design and extremely low heat generation allows operation over a wide range of ambient temperatures. It is built to withstand the typical hostile environment associated with outdoor industrial applications, including substantial shock and vibration.

TML has paralleled the design of the LaserHawk from its Model 560 LightHawk compliance opacity monitor and the UltraFlow-150 Ultrasonic Flow Monitor. All use the same Enhanced Remote Panel; communication protocols, and mounting hardware. This saves you, the customer, valuable inventory expenses and permits the use of spares on a variety of equipment. As with the UltraFlow and LightHawk systems, the LaserHawk carries ETL/CE certification.


The calibration kit (pictured above), standard with the LaserHawk, is used as an additional check of the unit’s proper operation and calibration. The calibration fixture attaches to the front face of the optical head and various audit standards can be inserted to challenge the instrument over the dynamic dust concentration range that is established during on-site calibration. A zero (clear) condition can also be established.

Are there any international approvals for the TML range of equipment?

The short answer is YES. TML's flow, opacity and particulate systems hold ETL/CE certifications. Please feel free to follow the link to their website where you can browse through the various ranges of equipment at your leisure.